Use a Wilkes Barre DUI Lawyer for a Case

When you are looking for a Wilkes Barre DUI lawyer, you will often hear the term retainer come up. This is the amount of money you need to pay in order to secure the DUI lawyer services. Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean it is all you will pay. As the situation unfolds, you may have to pay more fees for legal research time, a trial, and more in Wilkes Barre. It all comes down to what takes place for the case to be completed.

If you plan to use you will pay and then be billed hourly when you do use those services in WIlkes Barre. If you don’t use them for anything that month, you don’t get billed. However, you don’t get that retainer back either. With a business ongoing relationship, you may have to renew that retainer annually.

It is very rare that you will ever get a fee back. This may seem unfair if the DUI lawyer is able to get your case tossed out quickly and that is the end of their services to you. Just be thankful you don’t have to go through a criminal case or have a criminal record due to the incident. It may be upsetting when you lose your criminal case or you lose a case against another entity but you don’t get that retainer money back from your Wilkes Barre DUI lawyer.

A WIlkes Barre DUI lawyer for the investment of their time and their name to help you. With certain DUI lawyers in Wilkes Barre, the fact that you do have them backing you can give you a great deal of leverage in the courtroom and even with other lawyers. It can mean the difference between a settlement offer and a long, drawn out process for you. There can be a variety of costs involved in the investigation and preparing for any case. The funds are used for those costs.

Should the person using the legal services end up going to jail, how would the DUI lawyer ever get their money? What is to stop people from getting the services but then they don’t pay for them? You can’t blame these professionals for collecting up front. It helps to reduce the number of unpaid cases they work with.

The amount of the fee depends on the Wilkes Barre DUI lawyer and where they reside. Often, the prices are comparable for a given area. Higher priced places to live in often come with higher price in Wilkes Barre. The cost can be hundreds or thousands. If you can’t pay it in full, they may offer you a payment plan where you offer a good portion of it at the start and the rest at regular intervals.

What happens if you simply can’t pay a retainer fee? You may have to go with legal aid in order to get the counsel you need. The cost of paying for legal representation continues to increase. If you are pursuing a financial settlement, you can also look for a DUI lawyer who doesn’t charge you anything until they are able to win a monetary settlement for you.