It’s time for some home made soap

Advertising your Home made Soap Company
If you want people to know you have a home made soap company, you need to advertise. Getting the word out will help you to get orders before you know it! Doing a great job will also get you plenty of reviews and repeat customers.
Tell those you Know
Tell your friends and family. If you work outside of the home, tell people you work with. Let them know how excited you are and to share the word. Creating business cards and flyers with your business name and contact information on it will help you to get business.
Local Events
Reach out locally to get the word out about your home made soap company. Set up a booth at community events. Socialize at business openings. Be a sponsor for a community event so that your business gets featured in the thank you section of any advertising done for it. Contact your local chamber of commerce to find out when events are scheduled.
Go to various fairs and craft shows. Rent booth space for a small amount of money where you can display your items. Bring a variety of home made soaps to display and to sell. Make sure you give out cards with each sale so that they know how to reach you to place future orders.
Free Samples
You have to have money to make money is how the saying goes! Make some small sized samples of your soaps. You can give them away for free to people you interact with locally and people you already know. They will use that soap and they are going to like it, encouraging them to place an order that they pay for. You can write off the supplies for your free samples as a business expense too!
Social Media
Use your contacts on social media to advertise your home made soap company. Take photos of your soaps and post them on your FB page. Create a buzz for your soaps on your Twitter page. You can host contests too by asking people to share, like, or comment on your soaps. Select a winner that you will send free soaps to. People love to enter contests online and it will generate more interest in what you offer.
Make your presence known with a professional appearing website. Have all of the types of home made soaps you offer featured. There should be a photo and a description of each item listed. The price of the product and shipping should also be offered. Try to offer some specials too such as discounts or free shipping for new customers.
Sprinkle keywords that relate to the home made soap industry throughout your webpages. This will help you to get them indexed higher. You should also put links back to your website on your social media pages. This will help consumers to find your product pages fast and easily. It will also prevent you from losing orders to competitors simply because your information is buried too deeply on the search engines to get the recognition it deserves.