Plan a New Jersey Wedding Shower Scavenger Hunt

Plan a New Jersey Wedding Shower Scavenger Hunt
Not every bride to be wants the traditional bachelorette party! Some want to have fun in a more relaxed and fun environment. This doesn’t mean it has to be dull such as tea party though. How about planning a New Jersey wedding with a shower scavenger hunt? It can be a great way for everyone to have fun and then to meet up at the final spot on the adventure for food and fun.
Make sure the guests are aware of what will take place. That will allow them to account for transportation. You can also rely on public transportation but they need to know that will work.
Keep the clues simple enough that it is fun and they aren’t running all over the place looking for answers. You don’t want them to figure it all out instantly but you don’t want them to spend too long with each clue.
Think about the amount of time you have for the scavenger hunt to take place. That can help you to determine how many clues. If guests are stuck, you may have to offer some additional clues to move them forward. You can also keep the scavenger hunt in a centralized area such as at a park where the shower is taking place.
Sometimes, the plans for a wedding shower get ruined due to the weather. It can change quickly in New Jersey! You can keep it fun and full of energy with an indoor wedding shower scavenger hunt. If you are meeting at a public place, you will need to get their permission in advance.
Another option is to make a list of items they may be wearing or have in their bag or purse. This is a fun way to see what people are carrying around with them. You can also play games where people get points for having the same wedding month as the couple and other ideas that would be the luck of the draw.
Randomly divide those attending the wedding shower into groups. This will allow them to get to know new people too and to work as a team. You can find great options online that help you to create this type of scavenger hunt if you aren’t getting creative enough on your own.
Some small prizes for the winning team is a good idea too. You can also have a prize everyone shares if you don’t want people to be excluded. For example, a treasure chest full of a variety of hard candies and delicious chocolates. Give each guest something they can put their chosen goodies into.
Planning a New Jersey wedding shower scavenger hunt doesn’t have to be hard. Think about the fun it will bring and the laughter of the guests as they enjoy this. It is much better than everyone just sitting around doing nothing. It is also something that doesn’t occur at every wedding shower so the guests will be pleasantly surprised.