Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases Community Blog

This blog is in support of the GACD and the work they do.   It will feature content from friends of the author, and various productive news sources throughout the internet.  We strongly support tthe efforts of the GACD to fund, develop and facilitate research for countries and people all throughout the world

This is the former site and is now Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases Community. is a news source and blog for the real diseases that are attacking our planet on a daily. We discuss how these diseases have become a threat to millions of Americans and how do we stop it. is a news site that gains all reputable information from trusted sources. We interview workers and employees from major corporations all across the world who is working to fight the chronic diseases. is a community that allows you to stay connected with ours who may be fighting that same battle as you. is a news source that allows you to speak freely and follow the history of others and their diseases. Use the blog section on to find funding for your chronic disease through our network of people. Get support from others and feel that you are no longer alone in your battle. We post new breakthrough articles that come from reliable sources that are directed towards certain chronic diseases. is your news site that is exploring trial and error of certain medical treatments and are blogging all about it. If you or anyone you know have had experience with trial drugs from chronic diseases, please tell the community all about it! Share you experience with others on as your news information site. There are others looking for support and wanting to hear your story and what you are going through. Struggles make you a stronger person and what better way to have to deal than with others who are just like you.